Top 10 Artist Reviews 2017

Revisit my Top 10 Artist Reviews here and find out just why you should discover them now.

Stereo Honey:‘Statement making, spine tingling and hypnotic, this is music that comes at you from all sides.’

Elin K: Elin can indeed not only create haunting music,
but music that has an air of magic about it.’

Azusena: ‘Whirlpool like textures swirl around your ears while Azusena’s voice hypnotises you.’

Luna Pines: ‘If you’ve ever felt alone, this may well be the musical comfort you require.’

Declan J Donovan: ‘Declan’s raw yet sensitive sounding vocal instantly engages you.’

THYLA: ‘Musical metaphors and powerful, pristine vocals make for a sound that goes against the grain.’

HËXĖ: ‘You are swallowed into a swirling whirlpool of laid-back musical gorgeousness.’

Jalen N’Gonda: ‘You don’t know it yet, but you definitely need Jalen’s music in your life.’

OUTLYA: ‘Celebratory sounding choruses make you feel like you know every track immediately.’

Ardyn: ‘Warm harmonies and gently developing accompaniments ensure every track hits all the right notes.’

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