Behind the Music: Interview with Amparo

‘The attraction to making sounds was immediate, I knew I would never put my guitar down!’

Describe your music style in no more than 5 words: Floating sounds for everyday sunsets. 

Where are you from? Arizona, U.S.

When did you first become involved in music? I was around 11 or 12 years old when my mom gave me a cheap guitar she bought at the grocery store. She was worried I wouldn’t have anything to do during my summer break and figured learning the guitar would be the perfect challenge. I never took music classes or even learned how to read notes (I admittedly still don’t know how), and instead I turned to online guitar tabs. It took a lot of patience and time but the attraction to making sounds was immediate and I knew I’d never put it down. 

Who are your inspirations? Musically speaking, it would be Minus the Bear, The Radio Dept., New Order and Kings of Convenience. Outside of music? My parents and siblings, hands down. Knowing what they’ve overcome in their lives and to see the confidence, love and positive outlook they carry with them each day, it’s quite inspiring to say the least!

Do you have any releases and/or performances coming up soon? Aside from my latest release, Rains – there will be a remix EP of it this upcoming January as well! I’ve also created several new tracks and I’m in the process of getting those mixed and mastered as well. Hope to have it out this spring. 

Do you have any other creative talents and if so do they influence your music in any way? Outside of music, I enjoy photography quite a bit! I tend to like landscape photography the most and I’ve been fortunate enough to capture some lovely places. My mother influenced me at an early age when it came to photography and over time it’s something that has become an important part of my life, just like music. You can view some of my work on my Instagram ( 

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