Track Review: Chloe Bodur: Glory

‘Crammed full with countless strokes of musical genius, it oozes coolness and sophistication.’

Intro to Chloé:
If you are after a break from the sometimes suffocating pop culture of today’s music scene, look no further than Chloé Bodur. Hailing from London, this 19 year old seamlessly combines musical influences from jazz, soul and funk (to name but three), and in doing so, creates a sound that you can’t help but get drawn into. It is therefore no surprise that her newest track ‘Glory’ (released 26th November) has been featured as ‘Track of the Day’ on numerous BBC Introducing stations and has led to many marking her as one-to-watch in 2018.

Featured Track: Glory
Opening with a gorgeous combination of lightly distorted guitar, dreamy synths and rim-shot infused drums, ‘Glory’ immediately takes on a soulfully seductive sound. It’s effortlessly chilled and with gentle textures swirling around you, you quickly find yourself being lulled into Chloé’s musical world. And what a wonderful world it is.

As the track reaches the first verse, the soul influenced atmosphere remains but a greater sense of purpose emerges. Now infused with continuous high-hat, the drum kit forms a rhythmic centre for the ambient style accompanying instrumental lines to sit on. However, while the gorgeous sound of the opening is very much apparent, the introduction of Chloé’s vocal takes the track into a completely different level.

Bringing even more effortlessly cool musicality with it, Chloé’s incredibly soulful tone tells the contemplative story with ease. Filled with captivating lyricism and uses vocal echo which speak of someone older than her 19 years, you find yourself completely drawn in. However, having done this in the verse, Chloé draws us in even further and on reaching the chorus, interweaving guitar riffs and multi-tracked backing vocals create their own, equally captivating lines. It really is a truly glorious sound.

Moving towards the mid section of the track, the second verse sees a shift to more dominating textures. These, while very similar to former ones, show a true sense of musical development and yet again demonstrate Chloé’s musicality. Becoming increasingly prominent, the luxurious sounding accompaniment continually grows and as it is joined by delicate, improvisatory organ lines, it oozes coolness and sophistication.

However, not being content with what she has already given us, the final section sees Chloé dazzles us once more. Crammed full with countless strokes of musical genius, a wonderful combination of beautiful, accomplished sounding vocals, swooning, improvisatory guitar lines and immensely clever musicality comes to the fore. It’s an incredible sound and as it reaches its climax – before beautifully ending in the dream like way it began – you realise this is where the track has been heading along. Trust me, it’s a glorious listen.

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