Track Review: Keeva: Whiskey

‘Keeva’s beautifully restrained, yet increasingly passionate vocal, effortlessly guides you through the heartbreak.’

Intro to Keeva:
If it’s timeless sounding music that you’re after, Keeva is most definitely one to watch. Taking inspiration from classic soul and artists such as Patsy Cline, this London-based half-Jordanian, half-Irish artist, creates tracks which encapsulate these influences. Perfectly showcasing this, ‘Whiskey’ (recorded at Niles City Sound, Texas) sees Keeva take us through her own emotion filled break-up where she realising that sometimes, no matter how hard
it is, the best thing you can do, is move on.

Featured Track: Whiskey
Opening with fading, low-pitched chords and reverb affected vocals, Keeva’s ‘Whiskey’ has a sense of intimacy and warmth about it. Immediately you become captivated and as Keeva invites you into her story filled with heart-wrenching moments, it effortlessly moves you. However, while the majority of this is down to the lyrics themselves, the sparse accompaniment provides the perfect musical nod to the emptiness felt at times of heartbreak. It’s wonderfully beautiful.

Having set up the story within the track, on reaching the chorus a slight musical shift occurs. Gently transforming into a more rhythmic, but equally beautiful accompaniment, a greater sense of purpose emerges. Remaining functional in the main – that is to say essentially based on left-hand bass and right-hand chords – this development encourages the track to grow. It’s simple, but massively effective and as we move through the chorus, and reach the  multi-tracked closing lyrics of ‘We have to let go,’ it provides the musical support we need.

Continuing in the same manner, the purposeful nature subtly develops within the second verse through the introduction of distant sounding jazz organ. It’s a wonderful addition and as it slowly moves around in the background the already timeless feel of the track is re-enforced. However, while this organ line remains very much in the background, the other elements of the track do the exact opposite. In doing so, the piano chords provide the perfect accompaniment to Keeva’s beautifully restrained, yet increasingly passionate vocal as we are guided effortlessly to the final moments of the track.

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