Track Review: THYLA: Tell Each Other Lies

‘As the title lyrics ring out among the luxurious accompaniment, you become surrounded by musical delights.’

Re-intro to THYLA:
Following on from their releases Ferris Wheels and Pristine Dream, Brighton-based THYLA are back with a third offering. Taking inspiration from their debut tracks – and the best music of the 80’s alt-rock era – ‘Tell Each Other Lies’ (released 28th November) provides the perfect musical reference point for where their sound is right now. Power-driven in places, beautifully relaxed in others, it’s no lie that it’s a track you need to hear.

Featured Track: Tell Each Other Lies
Setting off with pounding drum patterns and a combination of swirling distorted synth and guitar lines, the introduction to ‘Tell Each Other Lies’ is one that’s full of energy. Immediately you know it couldn’t be by anyone else but THYLA. Beautifully arresting, its relaxed intensity tells you that it’s going to be just as strong as their previous releases.

Reaching the verse, the textural elements of the opening form the perfect accompaniment to Millie’s lead vocal. Captivating and intriguing, the lyrics of ‘I remember how, I just lost my way’ begin the storytelling and sung in a soft, half-whispered manner, you listen intently. Helping this atmosphere, the accompaniment falls into the background and becomes much more subtle than the initial full throttle sound. However, while there is a clear use of restraint within the verse – with the only real development being the addition of harmonic vocals – it is the perfect contrast to the chorus which follows.

Taking us back to the atmosphere of the opening, the full on drum and guitar driven influences return. Becoming increasingly developed, the sound transforms into one centred around power-based-euphoria and filled with interweaving riffs, THYLA’s no-nonsense sound emerges. Meanwhile, bringing with it a shift in tone, Millie’s vocal changes from  delicate to equally powerful and as the title lyrics ring out among the luxurious accompaniment, the track lifts and surrounds you with musical delights.

Perfectly transitioning from an instrumental post-chorus, verse two sees a return of the earlier elements but with a subtly more driven edge. Having more dominance than before, the drum pattern helps to guide us toward what would normally be a re-occurrence of the chorus. However, in the interest of removing any sense of predictability – which is yet another element which makes THYLA’s music so great – the track instead takes on a more relaxed, stripped back form.

Tricking us via the greater dominance reached within the second verse, the track moves to its most laid-back sound. Formed of more delicate, but equally swirling ideas, multi-layered guitar lines begin to emerge and in doing so create a beautiful setting for Millie’s multi-tracked vocal to sit on. It’s a wonderful sound and a perfect nod to THYLA’s musicality for creating tracks which can be dreamy, as well as dominating. However, just in case we had forgotten, a truely no-nonsense, euphoric resurgence of the chorus provides the perfect reminder. With a sound like this, there’s sure to be an EP soon.

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