EP Review: Ardyn: Bloom

‘Leave the dark behind and enter the musically utopian world you’ve been looking for.’

Re-Intro to Ardyn:
It may be just under a month since I first introduced you
to Ardyn, however, it would seem that for this sibling duo, time is no barrier. In the previous post, I mentioned how they create ‘music with a message,’ and their latest
release is no different. Working as the title track to their EP (released 17th November), ‘Bloom’ may sit in second place on a four-track EP (featuring the previously reviewed tracks Throwing Stones, Together and Life Happens) but its utopian sound is one that makes it equal first with the rest.

Featured Track: Bloom
Effortlessly catchy from the outset, the title track,
‘Bloom’ sits perfectly between the more full-on ‘Throwing Stones’ and more relaxed, rhythm filled ‘Together.’ Seeming to take inspiration from both, the arpeggiated synth lines give a real sense of energy while the more sustained, subtly pitch-bending ones provide contrast. However, while the track could very happily carry on in this manner, it doesn’t, and on reaching the initial lyrics of ‘When did we start a war?’ an infectious, 80’s style bass line emerges.

As the opening verse progresses, it quickly becomes clear that Ardyn are going stick to what they do best: beautifully written tracks containing thought-provoking lyrics. And why shouldn’t they? Set to a driving, groove filled accompaniment, the continually rhetorical lyrics invite us to question ourselves about how we see the world around us. Though lacking full context at this point, the delicately leaping pitches in Katy’s vocal aid the story telling and bring gentle emphasis at the key moments.

Reaching the pre-chorus, the style alters slightly but remains influenced by the main melodic fragments within the previous accompaniment. Getting us to focus in, the repeating lyrics of ‘I don’t want to wait in the dark…’ are paired with a combination of sustained and ear-worm inducing momentum-filled motifs. Set in this way, it’s clear what we should be listening to and as Katy’s soft, yet assertive vocal encourages us ‘to wait in the light,’ a more positive sound begins to break through.

Having beautifully guided us to the chorus, Katy is now joined by Rob. Creating the perfect blending of tones which only musical siblings can, a subtle harmonic emphasis is brought to the lyrics. Gently statement like in nature, the message – set to a mainly static pitched melody – moves from rhetorical questioning to telling us about our ‘search’ for utopia’ and it being ‘the only world we want to know.’ Now connected with the opening lyrics, and those which follow, everything makes sense and you realise that the utopia you were looking for, is the one you’ve been hearing all along.

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