EP Review: Brooke Bentham: This Rapture (Pre Released Tracks)

‘Brooke continues to create mesmerising tracks that you want to have around you.’

Re-intro to Brooke:
Since first featuring Brooke a couple of months ago, her talent for creating mesmerising tracks has continued to grow. Releasing a further single in August (House of Cards), she is now back again with a second EP. While not due for full release until next week, (17th November), the pre-released tracks from ‘This Rapture’ prove that Brooke has packaged up the best musicality of her debut and transported it to a new destination. In doing so, she has created music that you want to have around you.

Featured Track 1: Have to be Around You
Starting off in a laid back manner, the opening track to Brooke’s second EP would certainly seem to be an understated one. However, lacking any form of introduction, the vocal comes straight in with the title lyrics. Soft and warm sounding, it grabs your attention immediately and set to a combination of guitar chords
and a rim-shot infused drums, there is a sense of subtle energy.

As the lyrics progress, they continually invite you to become fully immersed in the sound you are hearing.
This, as you may expect given the success of Brooke’s previous releases, happens without us even needing to think about it and before you know it, you have been transported to a world of beautiful music. While this is most certainly true for the first half of the track, the second sees the sound heading off somewhere different, but equally beautiful.

Bringing more depth with it, the drum part begins to take more prominence and providing the only accompaniment to Brooke’s vocal, the focus starts to shift. Following this, a repeating 4-note sequence begins to crescendo and as the lyrics of ‘You’re heavy on my mind’ are heard, the texture reaches its fullest state to this point.

This change in atmosphere could very well be the start of the end, however, after sustaining it for only a short while, the track returns to its earlier atmosphere. In doing so, the focus returns to Brooke’s vocal as the track builds toward a resurgence of more powerful style. Taking on a greater sense of freedom, the panning of synth and guitar lines creates a sense of euphoria and as the lyrics of ‘I think I love you’ are heard, you realise just how much of a step up this is from her previous releases .

Featured Track 2: Losing, Baby
In stark contrast to the sound of ‘Have to be Around You,’ the third track on the EP, ‘Losing, Baby,’ begins with accented acoustic piano chords and distant sounding drums. After such a full production, the more condensed sound to the track initially feels a little off. However,
while this may put you off for a couple of seconds, don’t
let it put you off the whole track.

Mixed to give the vocal high prominence, there can be no confusion as to where the focus is meant to be. Airing more on the side of spoken than sung, the vocal performance – for the start at least – may not show off Brooke’s more soaring side, but it definitely shows off her talent for creating message filled lyrics.

Progressing through the track, the focus for the initial sections generally remains the same. However, as we reach roughly a third of the way through, the drums become more prominent. Due to this happening, the potentially unbalanced mix at the start doesn’t seem as weird and as the drum pattern develops – to one which features almost military like snare rhythms – the balance becomes, well, more balanced.

Helping the texture to develop further, in addition to the changes in the drum parts, they also removed completely. Cutting out to reveal a texture built of piano chords and distorted, distant sounding vocals, the sound begins to transform into one similar to ‘I Loved The Way You Talked,’ on Brooke’s debut EP. In doing so, the track builds to a subtle climax where mutli-tracked versions of ‘I will love you more,’ take final prominence. Even if the rest of EP is only half as good as these tracks, ‘This Rapture’ is sure to be another completely mesmerising listen.

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