Behind the Music: Sixteen Records Interview Series: Interview with Luna Pines

‘Some people are shocked that a woman is producing such great music!’

Describe your music style in no more than 5 words: Alternative, electro-pop music.

Where are you from? Leeds, UK.

Which instruments do you play? On our most recent release ‘My Own Ceiling,’ Lotte – drums and synths, Ellie – violin and synths, Olivia – vocals and guitar.

Who else is involved in your music? No-one, we write and perform the tracks ourselves. We also mix, master and produce them, although some people are shocked that a female is producing such great music!

What was the first concert/gig that you were involved in? The first ever gig we performed was a sell-out at Belgrave Music Hall.

What do you consider the meaning behind ‘Off Your Island’ to be?
‘Off Your Island’ was kind of intended to be almost like an 80’s love song, and we still play it live in most of our sets now. I think it’s definitely progressed and manifested multiple meanings behind the words as time has gone on.

What was the inspiration behind your latest track?
Written when Lotte was in a dark place and battling a severe anxiety disorder, ‘My Own Ceiling’ invites the listener on an intimate journey. It’s about a personal struggle with mental illness.

How has  changing from a five piece to a trio affected your sound?
I don’t think our sound has really changed with the line up change. Our first release (‘Off Your Island’) was written when we were a 5 piece, and it was myself and George (the original singer) who wrote the tune. He also helped out on the very beginnings of ‘My Own Ceiling.’ I also wrote the lyrics for both songs, so I don’t think it sounds like a different band as such, but it has shifted in a more electronic direction in terms of our live set.

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