Track Review: Kailee Morgue: Medusa

‘Gentle, yet unsettling, ‘Medusa’ is mesmerising right from the start.’

Intro to Kailee Morgue
It is safe to say that for someone who has only just released their first official single, Kailee has has already made a name for herself. Posting a demo version of ‘Medusa’ on YouTube back in January, it immediately
went viral and has seen her reach a following of over 67,000 on Twitter. Now, after much anticipation, the full mastered version is out and by the sounds of it, it is sure
to be just as much of a hit as the demo was.

Featured Track: Medusa
Setting out with dreamy strummed harp and an infectiously catchy arpeggiated riff, the introduction is
one that is short, but creates a magical atmosphere. Immediately we are transported into Kailee’s gentle, yet unsettling musical world. Mesmerising from the start, you are intrigued you right away.

Reaching the first verse, Kailee’s soft, innocent sounding vocal enters with the slightly dark lyrics of ‘There’s blood in the water.’ Set in this way, there is a real sense of perfect musical conflict. As the verse progresses, subtle uses of echo and reverb help to emphasise the use of space within both main and accompanying elements. Effective throughout, a spooky atmosphere is formed.

The chorus however, sees a change of style. While the accompaniment is still based on features of the opening, they are altered. Transferred to deep bass and more percussive instruments, it’s quite a shift. However, it works brilliantly. Equally brilliant are the lyrics and with references to Medusa’s mythological context seamlessly woven in, it speaks of someone who has much more to give.

As the rest of the track progresses, harmonic and ghost-like backing vocals come in at all the right times, providing unobtrusive, but thoughtful textures. The use of rhythmic ideas also develops. However, this is not done not through just adding in a drum pattern. Instead the eastern-style drum sounds are gradually combined. Interlocking, they eventually turn into a full pattern. Cleverly done, it allows the essence of the track to be maintained right to the end. Earworm inducing throughout, there simply must be more to come from Kailee.

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