Track Review: REWS: Your Tears

‘Dominating and powerful, ‘Your Tears’ has an explosive sound you just can’t resist.’

Intro to REWS:
Consisting of Shauna Tohill (guitar and lead vocals) and Collette Williams (drums and backing vocals), REWS make a sound like you wouldn’t imagine. Exploding onto the UK/Irish music scene earlier this year with the release of two singles, ‘Miss You in the Dark’ and ‘Shine,’ today sees them release a third, ‘Your Tears.’ Taken from their forthcoming debut album, PYRO (out 3rd November), this power-filled rock duo continues to prove they are a force to be reckoned with.

Featured Track: Your Tears
Like a bullet from a loaded gun, ‘Your Tears’ immediately hits you at full force. Formed of power chords and dominating drums, it’s an arresting sound and immediately you want to be part of it. Alongside this, Shauna’s assertive vocal begins to take centre stage and accompanied by ticking high-hat, there is a real sense of urgency.

Following the continuing development of Collette’s drumming, we reach the chorus for the first time. If you thought it was no-nonsense to this point, you haven’t heard anything yet! Now with heavy rock drums, glissando filled vocal harmonies and rock guitar interludes, it catches fire and bursts into an explosive sound. Equally, it feels like a ‘live sound’ and having seen them at BBC Amplify a couple of weeks ago, I can’t help but wonder if this was a one-take live recording.

Reaching the second verse, there are more uses of vocal harmony. Though unexpected, they aren’t superficial. Instead, they add to the sound, giving more prominence to the lyrics with every word. Continuing into the return of the chorus, the track builds and builds and we are thrown into a half-tempo-feel guitar led rock out section. It’s a truly stadium filling atmosphere and with the title lyrics echoing around, you can easily imagine the crowds joining in.

As the final lyrics say, ‘How could you resist?’

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