Track Review: Betsy: You Won’t Love Me

‘Ironically, it’s a track that makes you love Betsy’s music even more’

Re-intro to Betsy:
Back in February, I introduced you all to the amazing voice that is Betsy.
Now, 6 months later, she is back with her latest release ‘You Won’t Love Me,’ which ironically, makes you love her music even more. Read on now to find out why.

Featured Track: You Wont Love Me
Opening with a three reverberating tones, it’s an introduction that immediately make you wonder. Is this going to be really different to Betsy’s previous releases?
Is this going to take us on an expected musical journey? Is this just a way of getting our attention? Whatever you think it’s going to be like, you soon know that it is going to have Betsy’s musical trademarks all over it and on hearing the opening lyrics, you are no longer wondering but are in fact in wonder.

Betsy’s voice, which stands out for all the right reasons in today’s music scene, is in the first verse accompanied by a laid-back, jazz ballad style piano chord pattern. This, combined with the syncopated, rubato sounding lyrics, provides the perfect contrast to chorus that follows.

With it’s undeniably beautiful soulful sound, there is return to the warm, captivating sound of Betsy’s previous tracks and with multi-tracked backing vocals providing harmony alongside the introduction of a clear beat, there is certainly a slight hint of a ‘mainstream’ aspect creeping in. However, don’t start to think that this is where it’s going to stay as straight after the chorus, we get a trumpet interlude, which sounds almost seductive, taking you very much away from anything mainstream and to the cool jazz of 1950’s America. Now I bet you weren’t expecting that!

Moving to the second verse, some of the accompanying elements introduced in the chorus are employed, seeing a slight shift of style from its previous setting, but somehow – most probably through Betsy’s ever-stunning vocal – there is a greater sense of anticipation. This atmosphere, which gets even stronger the more times you listen, is also enhanced by the re-emergence of the gorgeous, spine-tingling orchestral string line which happens at the start of the second chorus. This is not only clever songwriting but also clever scoring.

As the track reaches its climax, there are various incarnations of what are effectively the four main features of the track. However, their use, combined with Betsy’s lead vocal, makes it feel like you are no longer listening to a solo artist but instead, to a cinematic soundtrack. In short ‘You Won’t Love Me’ is moving, epic and most of all, has got Betsy written all over it.

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