Artist Review: Elin K

‘Elin can indeed not only create haunting music, but music that has an air of magic about it.’

Intro to Elin:
Sweden based Elin Krän (aka Elin K) takes her inspiration from many different artists, however, even if you didn’t know this, you could identify that there is certainly more than one style going on in her music. Surprisingly, although appropriate for the Elin’s career so far, there is very little about her out there, but having listened to her music, including Dragonflies (released today – 25th August 2017), there is more than a touch of class about her sound, making Elin well worth discovering.

Featured Track 1: Strange Flowers
Released earlier this year, ‘Strange Flowers,’ opens up
with the haunting combination of zither and classical strings. To say these sounds take you by surprise would be an understatement as they are hardly expected, however, their use – which could well be a musical nod to Elin’s experience as a violinist – transports you across the world and within seconds, you just know you are about to hear something really special.

As this instrumentation continues, we hear Elin’s smooth and luscious sounding vocal for the first time. It is not just arrestingly beautiful, but within it, there is a true sense of emotion and when you realise what the initially random sounding lyrics are actually saying, you can’t help but be moved by them. Additionally, the contrasting tones within each line give greater weight to the lyrics, moving you even further.

Reaching the chorus, we experience the first true sense of the soul/electro-pop you may expect bearing in mind Elin takes her inspiration from the likes of Lana Del Rey. This moment, which is certainly a contrast, serves as the perfect opportunity to discover that Elin can indeed not only create haunting music, but music that has an air of magic about it. Like the opening, the vocal continues to be stunning, and with skillful inflections used to emphasise where needed, it is an absolute delight.

As the track continues, many of the same ideas are used, but with each repetition, something different happens. At times, it’s extra backing vocals and at others it’s stripped back, however, one thing is for certain, each time you hear it, you are transported further into Elin’s almost other-worldly sound. Thankfully, the same can also be said for Elin’s newest release ‘Dragonflies.’

Featured Track 2: Dragonflies
The opening, which in some ways could be seen as a risk,
is one that transports you not across the world, but to the side of a lake, with the rain coming down, while you watch insects (most probably dragonflies) dance around. It’s an introduction that is unlike any other I’ve heard. It’s calming, rather than full of impact, but somehow, it grabs your attention.

Equally attention grabbing is of course Elin’s vocal which this time is strong and confident and like a musical dragonfly, it soars above the dominant electro-pop based backing of drum kit and synthesizer. This accompaniment, which is a big departure from ‘Strange Flowers,’ does in places unfortunately feel slightly over-powering, however, the chorus is a different story entirely.

Each time we reach this point, the more full on (dare I say mainstream) backing fits perfectly and when combined with the continuous interweaving of multi-tracked backing vocals on the second time round, the true atmosphere of Elin’s music is centre stage. Additionally, this backing also helps to drive the track along and leads us to the ending where the texture drops completely, revealing a whistled version of the main vocal line accompanied by dream-like bell tones. Put simply, this is music which is also magical. Go and have a listen now.

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