Track Review: Bessie Turner: Big Sleep

‘People are waking up to her sound and you should be too’

Intro to Bessie:
Originally from Ipswich, East Anglia based singer-songwriter Bessie Turner is beginning to make a name for herself and with playings on BBC Radio 1 and approval from Huw Stephens, it’s obvious that her music is hitting all the right notes. Add to this the fact that Bessie is a confirmed artist to perform at Latitude Festival 2017 and it’s clear that people are waking up to her sound. Read on find out why you should be too.

Featured Track: Big Sleep
On hearing the opening few bars of Bessie’s debut track ‘Big Sleep’ you can’t help but be transported to the most summery place you can think of. Go on, do it now, then take an imaginary stroll with an ice cream in hand. That’s what the opening few bars say to me. Set out by an acoustic guitar riff, a sense of warm fills your ears and after the initial few bars, we get to hear Bessie’s equally warming vocal for the first time. It’s calming and folk infused and ironically, the last thing on your mind is taking a nap!

As the track progresses, it becomes obvious that the lyrics are to be the star and through changes in mood, direction and setting, they have a familiar sound even on a first listen. Reaching the pre-chorus and main chorus, there are some very clever uses of multi-tracked vocals which increases the warmth even further. However, while there is no doubt that it’s all about the lyrics, the accompaniment has it’s part to play and through the relatively simple, but highly effective use of acoustic guitar, bass guitar and drum kit, it comes through and sits happily behind the vocal when it needs to.

As we reach the final part of the track, the accompaniment becomes slightly more full on and at times verges on slightly overpowering the vocal. However, all this does is encourage you to listen to the lyrics more closely and become immersed in the experience. In contrast, the ending sees a return to the opening relaxed style but with lyrics that hint towards her forthcoming EP. If this is just the beginning, I can’t wait to hear what is on its way.

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