Track Review: Lorde: Green Light

‘The chorus is as celebratory as pop music gets!’

First coming to my attention a few years ago through her release of ‘Royals’, Lorde would appear to be on track to be a presence in the charts again. Truth be told, other than that song, I couldn’t tell you what else she had sung or anything about her. Now, four years later she is back with the release of ‘Green Light’ which is taken from her soon to be released album ‘Melodrama’.

Opening the track, is a sparsely scored introduction setting us on the first part of the journey that is ‘Green Light’ and is with the use of only piano and vocal, it is the perfect understatement for what is to come. It is perfectly timed, with the piano daring to die away completely in between the vocals and Lorde’s slightly pained vocal to coming back just before full silence. It’s gorgeous. The next section however, isn’t quite the same – or so I thought initially.

Let me digress slightly here. You see, sometimes it can take a while to become accustomed to a track and to start with I really wasn’t sure on this change in direction, but, as if you haven’t guessed already, I have now realised the purpose of it and having done so, it is fantastic.

This change in the mood of the track initially felt like a musical roadhump, jolting you just as you were enjoying the journey. However, the pre-chorus, with the use of a heavy bass drum along with a syncopated piano part, is the perfect transition between the feel of the verses and the chorus and as the sound builds fully, you realise that it simply has to become a full on ‘pop inspired’ track with the dance beats and synths that we have come to expect from mainstream music. So what of the chorus itself?

Well, to put it simply, it’s about as celebratory sounding as pop music gets! It is wall of sound which cries out for you to become part of and while the return to the verse may not entirely work, the repetition of the chorus towards the end of the track makes you realise that while ‘Green Light’ may sound like a car that keeps stalling, the final destination is one you will want to return to.

Lorde’s album Melodrama is set to be released 16th June 2017, but ‘Green Light’ is available to buy on iTunes now.

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