Track Review: Wildwood Kin: Steady My Heart

‘If this is the future of folk music, my listening discoveries of this genre have only just begun.’

Intro to Wildwood Kin:
While folk music hasn’t really been on my radar before
this year, Wildwood Kin are certain a fantastic place to start and bearing in mind they have featured on Radio 2 playlists last year, it is hardly surprising that they were part of the stations BBC Introducing coverage. Their previous track, Warrior Daughter, is a powerful offering with beating drums reflecting the idea going into battle.
In stark contrast, their track Hold On, creates a much calmer atmosphere, and with their showcased track, Steady My Heart, sitting somewhere between the two, they seem to have the whole range covered. It is safe to say that if this is the future of folk music, my listening discoveries of this genre have only just begun.

Featured Track: Steady My Heart
The atmosphere created by the all female trio in Steady My Heart, is from the outset hauntingly warm with the warmth coming from the flawless vocal solos and close harmonies and the haunting coming from the sparse, yet highly effective instrumentation. The use of piano which features a continuous tolling bell-like note along with the chords, the reduced percussion and subtle use of guitar, helps to maintain this atmosphere throughout.

As the track progresses, a combination of solos, duets and trios in both instrumental and vocal ways occur giving each of the musicians a chance to introduce something new as well as seamlessly blend with what has just happened. The halfway point in the track – where the second verse followed by the chorus is heard – highlights just how well this works, so listen out for it.

Rather unexpectedly, after this point the track really starts to build with a slightly distorted guitar gradually cutting through further enhancing the haunting atmosphere in a similar way to earlier. The track finishes by showcasing the vocals, which is in my mind the perfect ending.

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  1. this is an amazing blog, consider me a follower! For a while, I never thought I’d like folk, but it’s slowly grown on me over time. What other tracks should I be checking out if it’s my first time listening?

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